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Jennifer Bliss, PsyD Adoption Expert, explains what the role and relationship of the birth mother is with an adopted child in an open adoption
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Adopt kids

In open adoption, the role of the birth parent is similar to that of an extended relative. The child calls her by her first name and sees her once or twice a year. She really allows for the child, one, not to feel abandoned but additionally for the child to have answers about their biological heritage, which is a very natural feeling and not a reflection of them missing anything in their own family. It's just a very natural desire to want to know who else looks like me? Could I be good at soccer because my birth mom was good at soccer? Those are very natural and normal questions children have. And a birth mother staying in contact allows the child to have those answers. It's not confusing to the child; the child never knows the birth parent as their parent. So they don't worry about which one's their real parent; they know who their parent is. And they know who their birth parent is, which is the person that chose their mommy and daddy for them. When they fall on the floor and hurt themselves, they call out for mommy; they're calling out for you.

Jennifer Bliss, PsyD Adoption Expert, explains what the role and relationship of the birth mother is with an adopted child in an open adoption


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Jennifer Bliss, PsyD

Counseling Director of Independent Adoption Center

Dr. Jennifer Bliss is the National Associate Counseling Director and Southern California Branch Co-Director at the Independent Adoption Center (IAC), the preeminent open adoption agency in the United States. She is also the author of a new book on open adoption, Another Choice: A compassionate Guide to Placing a Child For Adoption.

Dr. Bliss attended the University of Southern California where she received a BA in Psychology and a B.S. in Education. She went on to earn her Masters in Social Welfare from University of California Los Angeles and completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Ryokan College. Dr. Bliss supervises the Open Adoption Counselors in the Northern and Southern California offices and provides ongoing training and support for IAC counseling staff throughout the county. Additionally, Dr. Bliss was the featured counselor on "Adoption Diaries", WEtv's documentary series on Open Adoption.

Founded in 1982, IAC has been instrumental in pioneering open adoption. It is a counseling-based, licensed, nonprofit agency, and has facilitated over 4,000 adoptions, making it one of the oldest and largest fully open adoption agencies in the country. The agency also prides itself on the fact that it is one of the only adoption agencies in the country that has never had any exclusionary policies for adoptive parents, including age, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, ethnic background, color, or race.

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