Is there a parental identity to adoption

Pastor Jimmy Bartz discusses being an adoptive parent
Adoption Advice | Adoption and parental identity
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Is there a parental identity to adoption

One of the things that people ask me, because I'm the father of an adopted child - my daughter was adopted at 10 months old - is how do you deal with identity, in the case of being in a relationship with a child who's not genetically yours, or wasn't born traditionally through your own family system? And I just go back to the basic practices of parenting. You know, sometimes people will ask me a question like, what do you think Jade's real dad is like? And I'm like, I'm Jade's real dad. I'm the one who was there changing the diapers. And I'm the one who's been there on the side of the soccer field. And I dropped her off at kindergarten the first day. I'm the one who has had to be the one to discipline her. And I'm the one who has had to engage her compassionately as she struggles. So I'm not sure that there really is a great big divide in adoptive parents and adoptive children. There are certainly differences and challenges. But I think really the culture at large views that difference with more curiosity than adoptive parents and adoptive children do.

Pastor Jimmy Bartz discusses being an adoptive parent


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Jimmy Bartz


Jimmy is the founder and convener of Thad’s—a spiritual community meeting on Sunday mornings in The Writer’s Bootcamp in Santa Monica. An ordained Episcopal priest, Jimmy has spent most of his professional life leading communities in the work of making a love-spreading difference in the world that surrounds them.

His recent work includes studying the relationship between the outdoors and positive, psycho-spiritual health. When not in the office, he can be found in the ocean or in the mountains, usually with his wife, Cindy, or his two children, Jas and Jade.

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