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Benefits of a Private Adoption Agency

Jul 02, 2014

Adoption can feel like an incredibly complex and confusing experience. Even determining where to begin is a challenge.  However, seven-time adoptive mother Langka Treadwell says parents shouldn’t feel frightened or intimidated by the adoption process. It’s possible and is something that anyone can make happen if they’re passionate about doing it.

Adoption attorney Stephen Ravel explains there are four ways to make adoption happen for your family - foster care, a private agency for an international adoption, a private agency for a domestic adoption, or pursuing adoption with the help of an expert like an adoption attorney. A private adoption agency is a perfect option for many people. Agencies walk them through the process and gives them advice and counsel when needed in order to make the process as smooth as possible.

A good adoption agency creates a close relationship with adoptive parents, learning their preferences, wants and needs in what is an extraordinarily personal process. Adoption social worker Jill Boyer explains that an adoption agency can mitigate the challenges of the adoption process, advocating for the adoptive parents and supporting them through the process. The agency can help adoptive parents by guiding them through unexpected events that may come up during the adoption process. Boyer states that the adoptive family is assigned a social worker by the adoption agency when the process begins. This person serves as the family’s connection to the process, serving as both their advocate and counselor. The social worker creates a home study of the family, communicates regularly regarding the status of the process, and answers any questions or concerns that might come up during the often long development of an adoption.

In the case of international adoption, an agency understands international law and regulation regarding adoption. Different countries have positive and negative attributes, and there are many hidden pitfalls in what can be an incredibly expensive process. Boyer reveals that an adoption agency can guide families in the most positive direction for their adoption, allowing them to have a wonderful outcome with as little strife as possible.

Whatever path a family chooses for adoption, the process can be a challenging one. Using a private adoption agency is the best option for many families because it allows them to worry less about the details of the process and to focus more on the joy of bringing a child into their home. 


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Adoption agencies are really helpful for mothers to be able to navigate the adoption process and find good adoptive parents for their baby.

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