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Jennifer Bliss, PsyD Adoption Expert, explains how an open adoption benefits children and why it can be the best choice of adoption for your child long-term
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U.S. Adoptions

There are many reasons why open adoption is the best choice for your child as well. They won’t grow up with abandonment issues, because they weren’t abandoned. Their birth mother can tell them the story themselves about the day they met the parents and how she just knew these people were meant to be the mommy and daddy, or mommy and mommy, whatever it is. The most reassuring thing for a child to hear is from the birth mother that they are with the family they are meant to be with. And so they grow up confident of their adoption story. It’s not something that's shrouded in secrecy, because if a child is not allowed to know who the birth parent is, they start to wonder what is it that their parent is protecting them from? It must be something bad. And they know that’s who they came from. So what we don’t want is the connection of, “If I need to be protected from this person, there must be something bad about them. And what bad could I have inherited?” And so they’re part of who the birth parent is and a story about how they became a family.

Jennifer Bliss, PsyD Adoption Expert, explains how an open adoption benefits children and why it can be the best choice of adoption for your child long-term


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Jennifer Bliss, PsyD

Counseling Director of Independent Adoption Center

Dr. Jennifer Bliss is the National Associate Counseling Director and Southern California Branch Co-Director at the Independent Adoption Center (IAC), the preeminent open adoption agency in the United States. She is also the author of a new book on open adoption, Another Choice: A compassionate Guide to Placing a Child For Adoption.

Dr. Bliss attended the University of Southern California where she received a BA in Psychology and a B.S. in Education. She went on to earn her Masters in Social Welfare from University of California Los Angeles and completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Ryokan College. Dr. Bliss supervises the Open Adoption Counselors in the Northern and Southern California offices and provides ongoing training and support for IAC counseling staff throughout the county. Additionally, Dr. Bliss was the featured counselor on "Adoption Diaries", WEtv's documentary series on Open Adoption.

Founded in 1982, IAC has been instrumental in pioneering open adoption. It is a counseling-based, licensed, nonprofit agency, and has facilitated over 4,000 adoptions, making it one of the oldest and largest fully open adoption agencies in the country. The agency also prides itself on the fact that it is one of the only adoption agencies in the country that has never had any exclusionary policies for adoptive parents, including age, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, ethnic background, color, or race.

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