Stepmother challenges

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Stepmother challenges

There are so many challenges and so many rewards that come from having the step-mom role. I think the biggest challenge, for me at first, was accepting that I wasn't a mom; I was a step-mom. Therefore, I didn't need to become the perfect step-mom. There was a lot of learning curves with that and I had to be kind to myself. Instead, I had to figure out, I'm just going to be perfect enough for me as a step-mom. Another challenge is those amazing first experiences with my husband. He's been married before. He's had kids before. We had to get creative in creating new firsts for us. It's also been challenging staying connected with my friends, people who aren't moms, let alone step-moms. So that we can understand each other, even though we are in different places in our lives. The rewards outweigh all of those. It is so much fun being a step-mom. I get to give so much love to kids without having the pain of birth. They also confide in me more than they confide in anybody else because they know I'm not going to judge them. My advice is not loaded. They can come to me for any positive, helpful advice. More than anything, they crack me up every single day. I'm always laughing and learning from them every single day.

View Tristan Coppersmith's video on Stepmother challenges...


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Tristan Coppersmith

Stepmom & Expectant Mom

Tristan is a stepmom of two and a mom of one-on-the-way. By day she is a Love Stylist, helping single women navigate the challenges of dating. She is the author of Menu Dating and the soon to be released, Getting Out of Love's Way. By night she is a psychology grad student at Pepperdine. What she really lives for, though, is lazy strolls on the beach, eavesdropping at local coffee shops, shopping for vintage dresses and of course, snuggle time with the family. 

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