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Meet Claudia Flores

So, I'm Claudia and I'm an angel. And, I am a mother of 3 children. I was married and I am not anymore. I am living with my children here in the US. I am working for a foundation which works for peace and universal values. I am interested in politics. I worked in politics in my country, in my country, Virginia, Mexico. I am interested in continuing doing so. And, that's it. I guess, that's me.
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See Claudia Flores's video on Meet Claudia Flores...


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Claudia Flores


Claudia Flores was Born and raised in Mexico City.  Claudia has three children. “Since a little girl my priority has been clear and steady: service. I have been fortunate to live a great life in all ways, where I enjoy exploring, observing, learning and, most especially, serving a number of causes and people around the world. I am committed to communicate the best of the resources available to me. It has been such a joy to share this passion and adventure with my children.” In 2012 she founded "The Angel Station Project": holding for creatives, innovators, transformational leaders, artists, humanitarians, activists and visionaries.

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