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Meet Dresden Shumaker

I'm Dresden. I created my website in 2005 to chronicle my experience of being a single mom by choice. What I didn't expect to happen was that it would take a really long time and that I would actually end up writing a lot about taking care of my grandmother who had Alzheimer's. Eventually, I was able to chronicle my experience with infertility and then pregnancy and then being a mom. And, that's been where the best things about having a presence online is connecting with other moms that either are like me or that I admire. Being online is one of the most amazing things that moms can be. It's a great tool. You're never alone. I'm really happy to be a mom to my 3-year-old son. He's the coolest 3-year-old you'll ever meet, not even kidding. In my free time, my son and I like to go to the playground. We like to race his monster trucks down the slide. And, we've also become gourmet experts on finding the best milk shake in the Philadelphia area.
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Watch Dresden Shumaker's video on Meet Dresden Shumaker...


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Dresden Shumaker

Single Mom & Blogger

Dresden Shumaker blogs at Creating Motherhood, a site she created in 2005 to chronicle her path to single parenthood. She was honored as a BlogHer "Voices of the Year" keynote speaker in 2012. A former Hollywood insider, Dresden now spends her days working in PR and new media for a Philly tech startup and her evenings negotiating with her three year old son about the number of toys he may bring into the bathtub. Dresden is a single mom and lives in a multigenerational home in Philadelphia.  

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