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The Balancing Act: Life of A Working Mom

Oct 15, 2014

Being a mom is certainly a job in which every mother faces obstacles on a daily basis. And being a working mom presents unique challenges, including the stress of balancing home life and work life. How can a parent be successful in both aspects of their lives? Kids In The House CEO, Leana Greene, explains, "As a working mom, you are always going to have too many things on your 'To Do' list. So it's all about prioritizing what's important to you." Other Kids In The House parents and experts also offer great advice to help working moms find happiness within their jobs, their families, and themselves.

Arianna Huffington, President of the Huffington Post Media Group, explains that her best advice for working moms is to make sure they are taking care of themselves. Oftentimes, moms feel like they are being selfish when they do this, but Huffington explains, “When we take care of ourselves we are going to be better moms, better partners, better at work, and better at everything we do.” In order to meet the needs of your children and the demands of work, you need to make sure you are emotionally and physically capable of handling everything. This means taking time to relax.

Now, how can you find time to relax as a mom? Sometimes just ten or fifteen minutes of relaxation can make a huge difference in how you feel. Staying in your car just a little while before you go inside after work can help you handle any stress that may lie ahead. This stress relief is also important for your kids because it will help them to be calm. Barbara Turvett, Executive Editor of Working Mother Magazine, says, “Working moms need to figure out ways to manage their own stress, and help children develop tools to deal with their own.”

Lifestyle expert and working mother Samantha Ettus gives advice to help moms avoid the guilt of not spending enough time with their kids. She explains that bringing your kids on small errands throughout the week can help them feel more connected to you. She says that “involving your kids in those errands makes it so that you have more time throughout the week to do the things you have to do.” Author Jane Buckingham also advises moms not to waste their time feeling guilty about not being a good enough mother or not doing well enough at work. She encourages moms to focus on setting guidelines with their families and workplaces so that others know what to expect from you. “Once people know what the limits are, they can get accustomed to them, but you’ll be the person to set them,” says Buckingham.

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