Best advice for entrepreneurial moms

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Best advice for entrepreneurial moms

Anna Getty: What’s been exciting through Pregnancy Awareness Month is that I have met so many entrepreneurial moms. And they’ve really inspired me and what’s great is that Alisa and I have inspired them as well. But it’s just been so cool to watch these moms say, okay, I used to be a full time employee, I have a baby now and I want to do something else. My baby has inspired me to try something new. To make money, to realize my creativity, through being a mother. And that has just been so exciting to watch. And in terms of giving advice, if you feel like you have that in you, you should explore it. You should find, again, go to your community. Because that’s what Alisa and I did. We were both prenatal yoga teachers, and I went to her and said your husband’s a photographer and a director. Do you want to do this prenatal yoga DVD with me? And she said yes. So that kind of, Pregnancy Awareness Months was spawned out of that initial creative surge from both of us. So if you had it in you, you should follow that, if you don’t, don’t feel the pressure to do it either. And have fun with it. Follow your heart with it. And the great thing is I’ve been able to bring my children with me to photo shoots, to the events, and that’s been so much fun that I’m able to integrate my babies and now their older. But first I was wearing them in baby wraps. And bring your babies with you. Bring a friend with you. You‘re doing public speaking, let your friend hold your baby for a while. Just find a way to make it work.

View Anna Getty's video on Best advice for entrepreneurial moms...


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Anna Getty

Founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month

Anna Getty is the founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM). She is a mother of two, a former pre-natal yoga teacher, author and holistic lifestyle educator.

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