Following through on family values

Kim DeMarchi, MEd Parent Educator, shares advice for parents on how to come up with a set of values with your family and teach them to your children
Teaching Values To Children - Creating Values For Your Family
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Following through on family values

Values determine how we live our lives. Coming up with a set of values, perhaps in a family meeting, eight to 10 values, that we all highly value, that will think important will govern your life as a family. It is something to post. We have a family mission statement with our values written in it. We can refer to it if somebody is not following one of our values. We can call them out on it. For example, one of our family values is taking care of our environment. If we see our child throwing their water bottle into the trashcan, we will call them on it. You know what guys? Remember we thought it was important to take care of the environment. When we think honesty is important as a family value, you need to as a parent make sure you are following through on that because you have the same expecations for your child. If my mother in law calls and I say do not tell her I am here to my child, what do you think they are learning from that? You need to be held accountable for the same values you set forth in your family.

Kim DeMarchi, MEd Parent Educator, shares advice for parents on how to come up with a set of values with your family and teach them to your children


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Kim DeMarchi, MEd, CPE

Parent Educator

Kim has been an educator for more than 20 years.  She has worked as an elementary school teacher in the independent school sector as well as an Assistant Director of Admissions. She had the pleasure of working with and teaching teachers, assistants, students, and parents. Kim is most proud of being a wife and mother of “tween” boy/girl twins. Being an effective parent is Kim’s passion in life. She says, “every day I try to be mindful of each decision I make in regards to parenting with the end in mind”. Besides Kim’s experiential background, she holds her bachelor’s degree, her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, a master’s degree in Education, and is a Certified Parent Educator in multiple programs. Kim is the Co-Founder of Empowered Parenting, which offers courses, workshops, and one-on-one coaching to parents, teachers, grandparents, healthcare workers, counselors, corporate America, and anyone who relates to children. Kim’s knowledge and experience coupled with her enthusiasm, humor, empathy and compassion, has helped thousands of people worldwide with their daily interactions with children. Kim’s goal is to help reduce conflict, foster mutual respect, and create deeper communication and connections between loved ones.

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