Overcoming challenges in parenting

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Overcoming challenges in parenting

Anna Getty: I’d say one of the hardest things for me as a mom was kind of really being dogmatic at first about the way I wanted to be a parent and the way I wanted my husband to parent our child. And I really was not flexible. And I noticed that it caused me a lot of stress. So over the years I’ve just become more flexible and more forgiving, more compassionate and more patient. And that just helped. So I say I don’t want my children to watch TV or something like that. And I’m totally sick and it’s just one of those days and they normally don’t and today it’s just okay. And in the past I would’ve been so much more dogmatic and really hard core about it. So I think just loosen up a little bit and go with the flow. And still have your values in you that you generally adhere to. But then just let go of the reins a little bit, sometimes. I was raised by a mother who’s a hippie, she was super flexible and she just kind of let us do a lot of things, my brother and I. And growing up, I don’t think that I felt that safety so I had a lot of fear early on in motherhood. So I kind of went the opposite direction, where I just, I was so afraid of everything and I didn’t want my daughter to be touched by anyone else or to go to the car with my husband. It was crippling for me and has been over the years. As of recently, I’ve overcome a great fear in my life, a fear for flying. And now it’s just helping me have more faith. So I think it’s important to look at the aspects of yourself that hold you back from parenting in a strong, present way.

Watch Anna Getty's video on Overcoming challenges in parenting...


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Anna Getty

Founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month

Anna Getty is the founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM). She is a mother of two, a former pre-natal yoga teacher, author and holistic lifestyle educator.

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