Starting your own parenting network

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Starting your own parenting network

Any parent can start their online, local community group. It's just a matter of finding other moms, asking for their emails, and starting your own group. Once you've got these emails, you can ask your questions of, where do you find something, other doctors. You can also use it to get together. When my daughter started Preschool, I sent an email out to the class saying, "Who wants to join us for pizza, storytime, and icecream. You would find that the whole class would end up showing up. Everybody wants to get out, they just need to be motivated to go out.
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Watch Video: Starting your own parenting network by Linda Perry, ...


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Linda Perry

"Peachhead" Mom

Linda was born and raised in Venice, California, and has always been an active member of the community. She has worked for the same law firm since 1985, and started Peachhead as a hobby in 1997. She currently lives in Venice with her husband and two daughters. 

In addition to being the sole creator of Peachhead Familes, she was personally selected by Nintendo as their "Ambassador Mom" when they introduced the Wii gaming system (USA Today). She  has also been selected to be on the Parenting Team Advisory board for the website, and was chosen to be an Alpha Mom for Broadway Theatre in Los Angeles. Linda has been featured on the Today Show and in The New York Times. In order to ensure online connections become more personal, Linda also hosts periodic "Peachhead Days" and Moms Nights Out.In her free time, Linda likes to read, exercise, and go to the beach. She is a charter member of two book clubs, loves to travel, and enjoys going out with her family and friends. Her motto is "lovin' life." 

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