Reporting a sex crime to the police

Watch Video: Reporting a sex crime to the police by Det. Charles Schlund, ...
Reporting a sex crime to the police | Kids in the House
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Reporting a sex crime to the police

Each child abuse sexual investigation is going to be unique depending upon the law enforcement agency conducting the investigation and also the special circumstances surrounding the allegations. But generally speaking, patrol officer or first responder would conduct a primary interview of the victim. Once that's completed and depending on what's disclosed during the interview process, the child maybe transported to a medical center for treatment. First for treatment for injuries relating to the sexual assault and secondly to gather biological evidence from his body and clothing. Once that's done, the patrol officer would complete a report and forward that to detectives. Detectives will then review the report, contact the victim for a follow up interview and to conduct an objective and impartial investigation attempting to gain evidence of the crime. The detective will then present his findings to a district attorney or a prosecutor for final consideration. And if the case is filed in court, there is the possibility that your child may have to testify.

Watch Video: Reporting a sex crime to the police by Det. Charles Schlund, ...


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Det. Charles Schlund

LAPD ICAC Task Force

Charles Schlund graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with High Honors and Departmental Honors in Philosophy, with a minor in Religious Studies. He is a 13 year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department, currently assigned to the Los Angeles Police Department's Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC). 

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