What parents should know about online sexual predators

Learn about: What parents should know about online sexual predators from Pattie Fitzgerald,...
What parents should know about online sexual predators | Kids in the House
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What parents should know about online sexual predators

If you want to keep your kids safe online, it's really no different than keeping them safe in the real world. We want to teach them not to engage in conversations online with people they don't know. Be mindful, don't let your kids go into chat rooms. Set up very specific places where and where they can't go online. Let them know things like, don't give out personal information and it's more than just your name, address and phone number. Let your kids know that they shouldn't be telling people online where they go to school, what sports team they play for, or where they hang out after school. Another good internet safety tip for parents. Kids love social media and they love socializing online. You might want to monitor their Facebook page and make sure they are not engaging in conversations that are inappropriate. Find out who your child's friends are. If your child has 752 friends on Facebook, chances are,not everybody is a real friend and somebody that they know. Monitor your kids' online behavior. Don't assume that, simply because they are behind a computer screen, that they are safe.
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Learn about: What parents should know about online sexual predators from Pattie Fitzgerald,...


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Pattie Fitzgerald

Child Safety Expert

Pattie Fitzgerald is the founder of Safely Ever After, Inc., and is recognized as a leading expert in the field of childhood sexual abuse prevention education, child abduction prevention, and Internet Safety education.  She is certified as a Child Safety Educator and Child Visitation Monitor, and has worked tirelessly as children’s advocate for over ten years.  As a former preschool teacher, Pattie blends her expertise as an educator and, more importantly as a mom, to teach parents and kids everywhere the most effective, up-to-date safety strategies without using fear tactics.   

Admired for her positive approach and warm, compassionate style, Pattie is also the author of the newly released children’s book, No Trespassing – This Is MY Body which parents and children are embracing across the country.  Pattie’s programs and curriculum have been implemented in public and private schools throughout the United States and have been also been utilized by The Santa Monica Police School Resource Department as well as the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department through their MERIT Program.   

Prior to the inception of Safely Ever After, Inc., Pattie worked as the Community Outreach Educator for the national child advocacy agency, Parents For Megan’s Law.  Her published work has appeared in national newspapers, parenting magazines, and trade journals throughout the country, and she has been featured on Good Morning America, CNN Headline News, MSNBC, KCBS, KABC and KNBC news as well as countless national radio programs.

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