Episcopal Church, Thad's, in Santa Monica

Pastor Jimmy Bartz talks about his church, Thad's, in Santa Monica, CA
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Episcopal Church, Thad's, in Santa Monica

When people think about church, a lot of times they think about a building. But at Thad's the church that I lead, we're not really interested in a building. We began in a park and moved to a jazz club and worshiped in a Jewish community center and now we're in a screen writer's workshop. What we're really interested in is the people that inhabit that community. We're interested in fostering thought around spiritual practice. We want to cultivate dreams. And we want to help people make a love spreading difference in the world. That's our reason for being. Not just communicating to people how much God loves them, but also encouraging them to be responsive and responsible with that love. To go out with their families, in the context of their children's schools, within the context of their workplace, to make some kind of love spreading difference that only they uniquely would be able to make. So Sunday morning at Thad's looks a little bit different than a lot of churches. I mean, we do have music and prayer and a reading from scripture, and I do a teaching off that. But really the best part of Sunday is the conversation. our community has a chance to come together, a couple 100 people very Sunday, and raise their hands and talk about what they're struggling with, or what's lighting them up, or what's giving them energy or joy or passion. And what I see happening there is intimacy builds very quickly as people make themselves vulnerable and raise their hands and engage in conversation. Other members of the community are either attracted to their vulnerability and encouraged by it, or they come to their aid in a really loving, wonderful way.

Pastor Jimmy Bartz talks about his church, Thad's, in Santa Monica, CA


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Jimmy Bartz


Jimmy is the founder and convener of Thad’s—a spiritual community meeting on Sunday mornings in The Writer’s Bootcamp in Santa Monica. An ordained Episcopal priest, Jimmy has spent most of his professional life leading communities in the work of making a love-spreading difference in the world that surrounds them.

His recent work includes studying the relationship between the outdoors and positive, psycho-spiritual health. When not in the office, he can be found in the ocean or in the mountains, usually with his wife, Cindy, or his two children, Jas and Jade.

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