Teaching children to be courageous

Pastor Jimmy Bartz explains the importance of teaching our children to be courageous
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Teaching children to be courageous

Why would you teach courage to a child? You teach courage to a child because courage is the gateway to the virtuous or the spiritual life. It's the entrance. It's the cornerstone on which all spirituality or moral foundation sits. Maya Angelou says love might be that which pushes and urges the love in the vein, but you have to have courage to love someone. We help our children face their fear in order to push them toward every other virtue that exists, whether it's helping them be more compassionate. You have to face your fear in order to put yourself out there and be compassionate. I see it all the time when we're engaging in social service work and we bring kids into our program. It's scary to face uncertainty or anything that's unknown or people who are different than us. And so we slowly encourage them to engage what they're afraid of in a constructed, relatively controlled environment. Because we know that courage is not just the gateway to the virtuous life, but courage is the gateway to creativity and innovation. I like to say, Fear and Hope got together and had a baby. Her name was Courage. Courage bore two children: Creativity and Innovation. That's the sort of genealogy or blood line of how this gets developed in the bloodlines of our children.

Pastor Jimmy Bartz explains the importance of teaching our children to be courageous


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Jimmy Bartz


Jimmy is the founder and convener of Thad’s—a spiritual community meeting on Sunday mornings in The Writer’s Bootcamp in Santa Monica. An ordained Episcopal priest, Jimmy has spent most of his professional life leading communities in the work of making a love-spreading difference in the world that surrounds them.

His recent work includes studying the relationship between the outdoors and positive, psycho-spiritual health. When not in the office, he can be found in the ocean or in the mountains, usually with his wife, Cindy, or his two children, Jas and Jade.

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