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The first thing to realize about choosing healthy snacks is that you need to choose

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adoption dna
Amy Williams
In my case, being an adopted child means more to me than if I had been biologically conceived by my loving parents who were unable to have children of their own. Being an adoptee never came as a...
practical skills kids can learn in high school
Tracey Clayton
High school years mark that tender period when kids stop being kids and start developing into independent adults. Our job as parents and educators is to enable them to become the best version of...
conscious parenting
Cristina Trette
1. An event occurs which leads to thoughts If you are like most parents, you will go through rough times with your kids - whether it is a public tantrum, a bout of defiance, or siblings fighting....
Kids In The House
Sources estimate that 6/10 teen accidents were caused by distracted driving. Of those drivers, 80% "see themsevles as safer-than-average drivers who don't belive their distracted driving...
zero waste organic parenting style, bea johnson, green living, reusable, recycle
Kids In The House
More Top Expert Videos on Parenting Styles   It’s a new century, folks, and this one comes with three big R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Chances are that these three words...
teen asking for help from adults
Christopher Bell, Stephen Gray Wallace
Wtitten by Stephen Gray Wallace and Christopher Bell.  “Summertime and the livin' is easy,” or so said the late First Lady of Song, Ella Fitzgerald. But suppose...
preterm labor, early childbirth, premature baby,
Kids In The House
Recent studies have shown that women who deliver their first child at 37 or 38 weeks are two to three times more likely to experience preterm birth with a subsequent pregnancy. The increasing risk of...
gestational diabetes
Kids In The House
If you are diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes during your pregnancy, there are some key things that you need to know to keep you and your baby as healthy as possible. Finding out you have...
Amy Williams
As of February 2015, according to the Cyberbullying Research Center, 34.4% of teenagers in a high school in the U.S said that at one point in their life, they had been victims of cyberbullying. Today...
cyberbullying protection
How to protect kids from Cyberbullying Cyberbullying not only harms children's self esteem, but can also lead to them wanting to physically harm themselves. Because of the possible pertinent...
effects of cyberbullying
Dr. John DeGarmo
Effects of cyberbullying   Because of the breadth of the internet and technology today, bullying has taken on a completely new form, especially for children and young adults. Cyberbullies...
best equipment for swimming pool safety
David Grey
During the hot summer months, you will most likely be enjoying some fun with your friends and family in your local pool - whether it’s in your backyard, your friend’s place, or at a...
college prep stress
Dayton Uttinger
I have recently discovered that college preparation begins in the sixth grade.  As a caregiver of a sixth grader, this was news to me. I thought sixth grade was about learning how to go from...
dealing with bad child behavior
Dr. Marcie Beigel
Happy July! Summer fun is in full swing. Trips to the park, family vacations, and other adventures are a weekly, if not daily, occurrence. You’re probably spending a lot more time with your...
kids benefit from team sports
Mila Sanchez
Sometimes it seems like kids these days are glued to electronic devices. Whether it’s a tablet, cellphone, television, or video games, they always seem to be connected to something that’s...