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Lactation Consultant Corky Harvey, RN, IBCLC, explains why it is good for your baby to allow them to use your breast as a pacifier.
Corky Harvey, nurse and lactation experts shares helps tips of how to balance grandparents and raising your baby, especially with breastfeeding and sleeping tips.
Parenting expert and celebrity Ali Landry shares her own experiences and words of encouragement for mothers who are struggling to breastfeed their children.
Shraddha Patel
Tips on How To Pump At Work:
Pediatrician Dr. Alan Greene explains what every parent should know about how breastfeeding will affect your newborns poop schedule.
Leading medical authority and pediatrician, Dr. Tanya Altman shares how she relied heavily on her breast pump as a working mother. Hear how her breast pump became her "... read more
Are you worried that you don't have enough breastmilk? Let Corky Harvey, lactation expert, reassure you that you will have enough breastmilk to help your child grow and... read more
View Corky Harvey, MS, RN, IBCLC's video on The best way to burp a baby...
Being a working mother can be challenging and rewarding. Lisa Pierson Weinberger, a lawyer specializing in maternity rights, shares her personal experience with pumping... read more
For mothers who feel like they might not have enough breastmilk, supplementing with formula might not be the best answer. Registered nurse and lactation consultant... read more
Is my baby getting enough milk? This common concern is explained by breastfeeding expert, Jennifer Davidson who explains how feeding times and schedules designate that... read more
Pediatrician Jay Gordon, MD, shares advice for breastfeeding mothers on how to best recognize the signs of whether your are producing enough breastmilk for your baby
Today hospitals and key personnel are trained to assist new mothers with breastfeeding their newborns. Dr. Paul Crane, acclaimed obstetrician describes the benefits of... read more
Lactation Specialist Wendy Haldeman, IBCLC shares advice for breastfeeding moms on how to best decide how long to breastfeed your child for
Should you leave your baby overnight? If you have to, what can you do to maintain a stable environment? Registered nurse and lactation expert Jennifer Davidson explains... read more
Do you have fears that your breastmilk supply is too low and that your baby is not getting enough food? Watch this video to learn about 5 ways to increase breastmilk... read more
Jennifer Davidson, RN, BSC, IBCLC helps you make the best schedule for sleeping and feeding for you baby. Watch as she explains the great ways to help your baby grow... read more
Is your baby gagging or spitting up? Expert parenting educator, Sarah McCormick explains exactly what to do if your baby is showing signs of this.
Lactation consultant Wendy Haldeman, IBCLC, shares her top guidelines and tips for breastfeeding mothers on how to best store your breastmilk
What is nursing on demand? Laura Dahl talks about her own nursing habits and why they work for her.
The nipple and bottle can be a confusing change for a new baby to get used to. Hear what doula Andra Clark recommends for mothers to do to help their baby through this... read more
Succesful, working mom Natalie Fischer explains how she balances her career and her children, especially when she was breastfeeding.
Fitness expert Farrah Zweig illustrates how physically active mothers can still maintain healthy breastfeeding habits, important for both the mom and baby.
Breastfeeding twins might not be easy, but D'Lynda Kaplan shares her personal experiences and tips on how to survive breastfeeding with two babies.
Teacher and mom Kristy King gives some simple tips for pumping for busy and working moms. She stresses the importance of relaxing and "just keep going."

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