Creating the perfect nursery

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Creating the perfect nursery

When you decorate a nursery, a great thing to think about is think about the future. Is another child going to come into it? What do you want to do in terms of color? What if you have a girl first and then a boy second? So, in terms of the big colors--the walls, the crib, the dressers--choose a neutral color. Choose whites, choose creams, and use color, other colors, as accent colors, so if you have a daughter first you can paint the walls cream, have a cream crib, have a cream dresser but then use a little pink and lilac accents for the pillows and for the crib sheets and things like that. And, when she graduates to the big-girl room and the next little baby comes along, and if that's a little boy, then you can change those accent colors and you don't have to make such a big effort redecorating. I think one of the things that I really love and that not a lot of people think about when they decorate a nursery is to bring in old stuff. You know, when you have a baby, you're so excited you just want to go out and buy new things, but some of the most precious things that you can put in a baby's nursery are things that you had as a child. What was that special little teddy bear that you had when you were a baby and those little baby shoes that you wore yourself can be a really beautiful touch on a dresser. Find an old photograph of your own mother and frame it for your child just makes it a really personalized and beautiful room. And, I also love that vintage touch to a nursery. It doesn't have to be all sparkly. I like when it feels that it's been part of your house for years and years.

Watch Ulrica Wihlborg's video on Creating the perfect nursery...


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Ulrica Wihlborg has spent over a decade as a staff writer and editor at People magazine in Los Angeles, heading up the celebrity weddings and baby sections. Her work has been honored by Reporters Without Borders, she is the recipient of the Henry R. Luce Award for Breaking News and she's been interviewed on CNN, Extra!, E! Entertainment and E! True Hollywood Story.

She's also an accomplished photographer who was chosen as one of the top portrait photographers in the U.S. by Rangefinder magazine in 2009. Her photographs have appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Live with Regis & Kelly, The Early Show, Entertainment Tonight, as well as published in Oprah At Home, C magazine, Los Angeles Confidential magazine, Parents magazine, Parent & Child and more.  She is the photographer of two books authored by Entertainment Tonight co-anchor Nancy O’Dell.  

In July 2012, shortly after welcoming her third child, Ulrica decided to leave People magazine and move to a small town in her native Sweden to spend more time with her family. She's now the founder and editor of the design and lifestyle blog Sweden With Love, which merges her curiosity about design with her love for journalism and photography. She lives in a yellow house with her husband Craig and their three young children Axel, Gustav and Liv.

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