Keeping the baby weight off

Learn about: Keeping the baby weight off from Julie Gillespie,...
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Keeping the baby weight off

In yoga, for losing baby weight we have a saying. Nine months on, nine months off. On average of the moms that I polled, it took about nine months for them to lose their baby weight. But some of their concerns were it was not taking the weight off that was difficult. It was keeping it off that was difficult. When you think about keeping weight off, you are looking at the whole picture, diet and exercise. A Santa Monica dietician, Dorothy Bernette from Healthy By Design, suggested I look into a place called the National Organization for Weight Registry. In this organization, they keep track of people who have lost 30 pounds or more and have kept it off for a year. And they get to sign in every year and they have data over decades. And they have found that there are three components to keeping weight off. One is to have a healthy breakfast. The other is to exercise a little bit every day. And the final thing is to make yourself accountable by writing down what you eat every day, which is what they say in Weight Watchers also.

Learn about: Keeping the baby weight off from Julie Gillespie,...


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Julie Gillespie

Author & Triplet Mom

Julie Reynolds-Gillespie, DPT, a mother of multiples, physical therapist, teacher and writer, is a graduate of Mt. St. Mary’s College and the University of Southern California. She has been a physical therapist who specializes in Women’s Health for 28 years. Currently she has a physical therapy practice in Santa Monica and works at Fusion Physical Therapy in Los Angeles.

Julie is a co-author of The Pelvic Floor.  Most recently she’s published Magical Multiple Moments. This book is a culmination of a five-year project where Julie interviewed over 250 parents of multiples and polled their advice about raising happy, healthy twins and triplets.  

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