Parenting without a specific philosophy

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Parenting without a specific philosophy

I don't think it's necessary to follow a particular parenting philosophy, like attachment parenting or baby wise. In some ways I think it's a bad idea because I, personally, am not somebody that if somebody says something, I follow it. I am a huge fan of Google. I research everything. If I read something on one site, I'm going to seek out another site with an alternative opinion just to see what that is to make sure that I am not the blind leading the blind. I think that not following a particular parenting philosophy is the way to go. As a tutor, what I always tell my students is to use what works for you. I often have to tell myself, don't get an ego about it. If I think teaching them math one way is going to be perfect, that's the student that is never going to work for. I think parenting is the same way. You have to use what works for you. If you try to follow set rules, you are going to make yourself, your kid or your family -- somebody is going to be horribly miserable or it's going to backfire. I think that's my parenting philosophy, use what works for you and don't apologize for it.

View Megan Macmanus's video on Parenting without a specific philosophy...


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Megan Macmanus

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Megan Hyndman is the mother to two-year-old Finnegan and a newborn, Saoirse. She is a writer, yoga teacher and private tutor and has recently started her own tutoring company, Honors Educational Services.  She and her husband Jason have been married since 2006, and since that time they’ve gone from a couple who thought they never wanted kids to a family of five, if you count the dog – and the 60-lb Rottweiler mix is definitely one of the kids.  The first baby under six months either parent ever saw was their own son, after a home birth, so they had to learn everything from scratch.  As a home birthing, cloth-diapering, infant potty-training, breastfeeding, sort of co-sleeping parent planning to home school, who also vaccinates, circumcises, disciplines, watches TV with Finn way more than she should and works full time, Megan doesn’t really fit into any “Mommy groups” – and that’s okay with her. Megan’s parenting philosophy is the same philosophy she tells her tutoring students: Use What Works for You.  

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