Tips for getting baby to sleep

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Tips for getting baby to sleep

I think sleeping through the night is a very hot topic with your first child. My first child was very difficult to get to sleep at night, but now that I've had four kids, I realize it was actually me that was making it that way. I "sshh'ed" her and did the noise machine, like they say; and swaddle them tight, rock them, don't let them cry or they will have problems when they are 12. By the time I got to my fourth kid, I would feed him, put him in his bed, he would cry a little bit. I would say, "Night, night." It was never really an issue. I think issues of sleep are your own anxieties as a parent that you are going to do damage to your child, when he cries. When, you know, he's three. He's fine. It's really the parent's issue.

Watch D'Lynda Kaplan's video on Tips for getting baby to sleep...


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D'Lynda Kaplan

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D’Lynda Kaplan is originally from Texas and has been living in Los Angeles for 15 years. Prior to motherhood, she worked for over a decade at Universal Music Group. She is the mother to four children all under 10 years of age - which means she has a very busy household. In fact, when it comes to hobbies, she only has time to do two things other than parenting: eat and exercise!

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