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teen using drugs
Being a parent is frightening enough - even before they learn to walk, if we’re being honest - and then they become teenagers and enter the big wide world of booze and drugs. Just the thought is enough to set most parents on edge.
picky eater
Picky eating habits can start at any age, from infancy to the teen years, and if you’ve dealt with a picky eater, you know that they can turn every single meal into a battle. Finicky eaters are a touchy subject, and each parent handles this situation in a different way.
If you have a child with special needs, you know the disappointment that comes when they are invited to an activity that they can’t participate in. You’ve seen the defeated look on their face when they watch the other kids having a great time, or the look of sadness in their eyes when they can’t have cake and ice cream with everyone else. You’ve also seen how much of a difference it can make when others take a little time and effort to include them in the fun.
work from home parent
Many parents don’t have the option to stay home and not work, while others simply love their careers and consider them an important part of their life. Those of us who already do work from home know that it’s not the fairy tale it’s made out to be. It can be just as stressful as being in a soul-crushing environment away from your family for 40+ hours a week. It can also be very rewarding. Working from home is not right for everyone, every home, or every situation, and I’m here to talk realistically about the pros and cons of being a stay-at-home working parent.
moving with kids in the house
I think it’s safe to say that just about all of us have moved at least once in our lives. Moving isn’t anybody’s favorite task, and that’s putting it lightly. Moving as a single adult, or an adult without children, is tedious enough. If you’ve never moved with a family, you’re in for a much more atrocious treat.
Graduation is probably going to be one of the most significant events in your child’s life, at least up to this point. They will have many more years to continue striving and achieving new milestones, but for the majority of teens, high school graduation is their biggest milestone yet.
It is amazing how much energy children can suck out of us some days, and what is worse is that having kids in the house makes it more difficult to get to sleep! Getting adequate sleep is, by far, one of the most important aspects to living a healthy, happy life. It is hard to be a good parent when you are tired, irritable, and distracted, yet so many of us struggle to get the sleep we need. Unless you have a serious health condition, medication can be a dangerous option and is not ideal for most.
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