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The Life Compass

Several years ago as my oldest (of four) children was transitioning from high school to college I had the opportunity to share a few thoughts (in writing) with him about how proud his mother and I were of him, his accomplishments and also offer some thoughts and direction for the next part of his life's journey.  This was part of a high school weekend retreat where parents were asked to write a letter to their teenager to read during a quite time of reflection. 

This was the first letter I had hand written since College.  It wasn't easy, for me anyway, to put to words how I felt about him and provide a little direction for the days and years ahead.  As you will see, some of what I shared was self serving and the rest, well, just made sense.  He are the points that I shared;

Make God part of your daily life
Stay close to your Family
Nurture worthy Friends
Pursue Knowledge with a passion

Some time after his graduation we had a "family meeting" which was routine prior to Sunday dinner and decided that it might be appropriate to share these thoughts with others who may need a bit of help with their journey.  Parents and friends are constantly searching for 'Just the right words' to share with a loved one or family member  We dubbed it The Life Compass and used the first letter of each focal point (GFFK) in designing a compass-like pendant.

It has been quite a journey for our family.  We all had a hand in The Life Compass from design, assembly to packaging and distribution. It has been an amazing experience and most importantly it has been enjoyed by thousands of individuals and families across the country who have embraced the message for themselves and/or their families.

We hope you will take a look at our family project at  The Life Compass is appropriate for moms/dads, friends relatives sons/daughters or anyone who needs a little boost with their life's journey.

The Life Compass

My wife, Ellen and I have been married for 37 years and have four children and four grandchildren. We have been blessed in many ways as a family and are very proud that our four children have become good citizens who are contributors of time and talent in their individual communities.  About 15 years ago we began a business adventure called The Life Compass via the internet by sharing a family event that was was inspired by a letter that I wrote to my oldest son who was transitioning from high school to college.  We decided to share the message I wrote to him and it has resonated with thousands of individuals and families across the country who in turn are sharing it with their families and friends.