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Used Homeschool Books sorted and organized? Check! Ready to Sell? Check!

 Second Harvest Curriculum buys your used homeschool books!

Used Homeschool Books sorted and organized? Check!
Ready to Sell? Check!
The decision has been made to sell your books, so where do you sell or how.   It can be so overwhelming with all the choices and ways to sell used books.
Let me share with you how Second Harvest Curriculum purchasing program works.
Second Harvest Curriculum has provided a place for Homeschool Families and Christian Schools to sell their used Bob Jones, Abeka, Saxon, Math U See & many more curriculums for over 20 years.  Please check out our Catalog Page to see what curriculums we currently carry. This way we can be of service to the people who are selling their books as well as to the families wanting to purchase used books.
Second Harvest Curriculum provides a quick and simple online form on our Sell to SHC page that you can fill out.  Find the Item# or ISBN#, the copyright date and our condition code chart.  Our condition code chart is on most of our website pages also shown below.
Condition Codes
• "A" ~ like new or gently used, may have slightly bent corners or covers.
• "B" ~ Cover may be worn or written on. Spine may be ripped or taped. Up to 10 pages of highlighting is acceptable.
• "C" ~ 1-10 pages may be missing or written on. Possibly 10 or more pages highlighted. Cover may be gone or very ripped. May not have Toolkit CD. Usable.
• "NC" ~ means that it is not current or compatible with the most recent edition.
NOTE: Please make sure all Teacher Editions that include CD's are sent together. Teacher Editions without CD's will be considered "C" condition.

Once you have filled out the form and clicked the submit button your submission will link up to our purchasing program. We will email you in several days to a  week which books we can purchase. Purchasing is based on our inventory levels, customer needs and sales.   When we agree to purchase your books, you will be sent an informational letter on shipping hints, address and more.
We find Media Mail shipping thru USPS to be very cost effective.  Packing is something we have learned a great deal about.  Packing books together in a plastic bag with your name, phone # & address and ours helps a great deal.  Also include a list of what is in the bag.  Add additional packing to make sure the books are secure and tight in the box.  That way, should anything happen to your box the books are still together and have a chance of being repacked and sent on to us.  It is so heartbreaking to see a box come in damaged or empty.  Keep box weight under 20#’s.  This is another hint due to boxes being thrown around on their way to us.  It helps get your books here in the condition you sent them in and not damaged from shipping.
Once your books arrive, we email you that your books are here.  They are matched up to the copy of your submission form then we look thru each book carefully and rate the condition according to our chart.
We do not give out prices as sometimes the books are not in the conditions listed.  Condition codes are used so that vendors and customers feel secure in knowing that the ratings of our books follow the chart for the books they are selling and purchasing.  Please check our site for percentages paid for each curriculum. 
When Second Harvest Curriculum agrees to purchase your books we pay you for those books provided they are the ones that we agreed to purchase and they are in a condition that we can sell them.  You do not have to wait for them to sell to get your money.   Processing usually takes a couple of weeks, at which time you will receive a check for your books.   If there are books we could not purchase the 1st time you submitted, try again in a month or so if you still have them.  We purchase books all year long. 
Thanks to all the Homeschool Families & Christian Schools who take the time to sell their Homeschool books to SHC. Our customers really do appreciate being able to purchase used homeschool books.

Lory Power & her husband Gary had the honor of homeschooling their youngest son Dylan Jr. high through graduation. With that experience Lory enjoys listening & sharing with homeschool moms about the joys & trials of homeschooling & finding good used homeschool curriculum.  Lory has worked for Second Harvest Curriculum since June 2010 & has owned Second Harvest Curriculum since January 2013.Their website address is