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Teaching Kids the Power of Giving

One of the many roles of a parent is to teach their child how to be charitable and compassionate. Considering that the sense of compassion and charity is already inside them, all a parent has to do is awake that feeling and help the child awaken it. This shouldn’t be hard, since kids are always so kind and generous. They will always try to console a crying baby, and make them feel better by giving them a toy or a candy. Therefore, all you have to do is guide your children into the right direction and help them learn the power of giving.


Experience It Together


Charity doesn’t always have to be about donating money. While adults usually participate in fundraising, and give a few dollars at the church each week, children will still have a hard time grasping around the concept of money giving. Therefore, instead of concentrating solely on donating money to a worthy cause, try including your children into charity activities such as donating clothes that your child has grown out of, or volunteering in a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter. Furthermore, when a child is old enough to do some of the easy chores around the house, send them to help an elderly neighbour by moving their lawn, or cleaning their yard. The most important thing is that a parent sets an example for a child, so that they can later follow it and show initiative.


Money Management


Teach your kids how to spend the money rationally, instead of wasting it. You should also motivate them to give, especially to those in need. As soon as the child starts going to school, parents should teach them to spend the money wisely. Learning that certain amount of allowance should go for spending, other for sharing and another for saving is crucial. The amount of money that’s left in “sharing” pile that kids accumulate at the end of the year, or a trimester, could be used for buying toys or clothes for the homeless.

Furthermore, giving to family members would also be a great practice. Encourage a child to buy the siblings or grandparents a birthday gift. It would be a great idea to order a dress for their grandma at, so that you can both teach them how to shop organic products, to save the money, be giving and to recycle as well.


Teach Kids About Giving Every Day


You don’t have to have a special opportunity in which you’ll teach your kid how to be giving. Every time you walk by a homeless person, teach your kids that they should give a dollar or two and help the poor people. Reaching out to people in need is also important, so make sure you talk to your kids about the fact that not all of the people have the money to afford a decent place to live in. This way, when your children grow up, they might be leaders in helping those in need.


Set an Example


Parents are the biggest role models to children. This is why you should try to do your best to show your kids that you’re proud to give and help others. Sharing your values and teaching kids the importance of giving will make them better people. Feel free to take your children with you to the next fund raising, or let them help you prepare the meal for the soup kitchen and even let them share some ideas on how they might help. Only when they see how hard you work in order to make others happy, will they want to be just like you and follow your footsteps.

Raising a child is a very important job for every parent. Therefore, try to teach your children to be giving, kind and supportive. Not only will they help others, but themselves as well. Doing good will help them become good, respected and proud people others will look up to.

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