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Book series for older elementary kiddos

Posted September 28, 2015 - 9:41am

My 9yo loves the Harry Potter series and has read all the books more time than we can count. She recently started the Percy Jackson series and other Rick Riordan related books, but she needs a new series. She read at a high level, but not mature enough to handle books for much older kids. Any suggestions for other series she might like?

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Here are some book series that my children have enjoyed:  Series of Unfortunate Events? Eragon? Narnia? A Wrinkle in Time? The Borrowers?

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Do you remember how old your kids were when you started Narnia? My oldest is going to be 6, is it to heavy/deep/scary for that age? I hate to admit that I've never read them, but am really looking forward to reading them with my kids.


My 9 yo read the Narnia series a few years ago, and she didn't feel it was too intense. 


The classics: Little House, Nancy Drew, Alice Thru the Looking Glass, Willy Wonka, there's tons.


She's already read all of those - and love them! Except Nancy Drew. After a couple she books she didn't really get in to it. It's unbelievable how many books she's read. Testing shows she reads 6 grades ahead of her actual age.

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Yes, I know that there are lots of girls series like the American Girl books, used to be the Babysitters Club, Magic Attic, Junie B. Jones, Girl Talk series, Nancy Drew, Little House and I get lots of book samples from Disney, The Never Girls series. There are so many.


She's read many of those but outgrown them. She's read all the Little House books, the entire Never Girls series. So so many of the babysitters club books... She is a problem child, this one! :)

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When I was her age I was getting in Judy Blume and Nancy Drew. I have the fondest memories of reading those books.


She's read many Judy Blume, but did not get into Nancy Drew. She read two or three and just was not interested. I literally do not know how many books she's read. I'm quite sure that in her 9 years (only been reading for four of those), she's read more books than I have in 40. And I'm a reader!


Maybe the Boxcar Children?  I used to like the Choose Your Own Adventure books when I was a kid.  You get to choose different paths along the story.  Also loved The Babysitter's Club series!


I'll ask her about the Boxcar Children. I feel like she and I have talked about it before but I don't remember what she said. She has read a ton of Babysitter's Club. Luckily she can check them out on her Kindle from our library. I think she is outgrowing them, though.


I agree - Nancy Drew and Little House on the Prairie might be a nice change. Let us know what she ends up choosing.

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I had a 9 year old who loved to read and was advanced.  We went away from the series to non-fiction on topics she really enjoyed.  She learned a lot about different presidents and actually got books from adult section of library to read that year.


That's a good idea - I should suggest biographies next time she's looking. A few years back she read a few for younger readers that she really enjoyed. I'll bet there are some she's like now that she'd wouldn't have liked then.


I'm big on feminist stories & encourage my daughter to read them: My Name is Malala, Amelia Earhardt, Diary of Anne Frank, also we loved Treasure Island, The Three Muskateers, Count of Monte Cristo, Mark Twain.