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Therapy for kids

Therapy for kids going through a divorce or blending into a new family; it's like a magic pill. It is such a safe-haven for them and outlet them to unpack all of their junk; all of their fear, all of their insecurities, their worries, their concerns, all of the icky stuff that is going on for them. All of the things that they think their parents or friends can't understand, their therapist can. A therapist is completely objective. A therapist is just there to listen to them, help them understand their feelings and express them in healthy ways; and give them loads of coping strategies that they can use, to help manage their difficult situation. It's also important, I think, for families going through a transition like this, to all engage in family therapy. A good family therapist can help each family member relate to one another, so they can have a more effective, healthier family.

View Tristan Coppersmith's video on Therapy for kids...


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Tristan Coppersmith

Stepmom & Expectant Mom

Tristan is a stepmom of two and a mom of one-on-the-way. By day she is a Love Stylist, helping single women navigate the challenges of dating. She is the author of Menu Dating and the soon to be released, Getting Out of Love's Way. By night she is a psychology grad student at Pepperdine. What she really lives for, though, is lazy strolls on the beach, eavesdropping at local coffee shops, shopping for vintage dresses and of course, snuggle time with the family. 

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