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Baby Names

Posted September 11, 2015 - 9:03pm

Did you and your significant other have a hard time agreeing on names?

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Frugal Minded M...

We were lucky and agreed pretty easily. I know my parents had a hard time though because my dad would always come up with joke names.

Your Kid's Table

With our first it wasn't a problem at all! With the next two we were able to agree, but he shot down a lot of names. Problem was he never really came up with any suggestions though.  How about you?


It took us a while - my hubs shot down many names, too. But in the end we were happy with what we picked. Though it was a long process, there was no drama.


The one I picked he didn't like then I came up with another & we agreed. Sometimes people made fun of it. :/ I remember the nurse did while I was in labor! Grrr

Mommy Ramblings

Not at all thankfully which was really nice.  


We did okay until my last two. My youngest daughter he got tired of the back and forth and ended up filling the birth certificate out by himself, so she has two middle names (each name we each liked)...and then my youngest. He was a C-section and I was in the hospital for four days. We knew his first name, but it took us all four days to settle on a middle name that we both agreed upon. 

Frugal Minded M...

With my 4th child we hadn't quite determined the final name.  We were between two.  I asked him which one he liked.  He said one name and I asked how he wanted to spell it.  He didn't know so I said, I like the other one and that's the one we ended up with.  Now that he is 9 it's very fitting.  As far as middle names, we always pick family anems so it's been pretty easy.  The boys both have their grandpa's names for middle names. amd the girls are grandmas or great grandmas.


My ex and I had a lot of trouble with a girl's name. He didn't like what I did but when I was about 6 or 7 months along we agreed. The boy names were never a problem.