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Best family car?

Posted August 10, 2015 - 12:56pm

Hi All-- I've got two kids, John (6 mo.) and Clare ( 2 yo.).

My husband and I are looking to get a new car that will comfortably fit the whole family. I've got friends who drive mini vans but I really don't want to be that "soccer mom" stereotype.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Bumping this! Any help would be great


We drive a honda Pilot and definitely don't feel the pressure of the "soccer family"


I love love LOVE my Chevy Traverse. I have two girls, 9 and 5, and previously had a Honda CR-V that we traded in when I was preggo with #2. We then had a Honda Odyssey, and though the magic doors were great, I just couldn't get with the minivan thing. My Chevy Traverse is my favorite car ever. It's my first Chevy - I couldn't believe I strayed from my Honda loyalty but I love it.


Hi, We have always picked Toyota products. We loved our Landcruiser. It was safe and roomy. We had the kids in the middle row and the dogs in the very back. You can reconfigure the seats so they fold down to haul things or put them up and it seats 7. Very safe and reliable. Good luck in your search!


I like vans, but I think any 4 door comfortable car with sufficient legroom should be fine. I like cupholders & extra air vents for the back seat too & make sure there are shoulder belts as well as lap belts & air bags for the back seat.

Frugal Minded M...

Gotta say I love the Mini Van. We got our first when my oldest was one.   We had 3 Chevys before switching to a Honda for the last car.  Even with 5 growing kids we were able to go on a 26 hour road trip.  For the next car, we are considering switching to the new Pilot, but I really have to check it out before I'll be willing to switch.

Mommy Ramblings

I love my Toyota Sienna AWD Limited. It feels and drives like a luxury car and has all the bells and whistles. We have driven that from NY to FL and back and all over. It is comfortable and I would get another in a heartbeat. Love it!