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Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts

Posted September 11, 2015 - 2:52pm

Does anyone have experience with girl/boy scouts? I am thinking of signing my son up in a few months when he turns six, but I am unsure what to expect.

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I don't...but was wonderfig about ages of Boy scouts and what is after boy scouts?


From what I read on our local chapter’s website, it goes from ages 6-22. I just want my son to try it out because of the values that they have.


Yes, I have heard good things too...our local one here is only up to 5th grade that was why I was wondering if there was something after boy scouts..

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I was in Brownies, Girl Scouts and let my daughter's GS troop for a couple of years. My oldes son was a Tiger Scout and Cub Scout. I don't think we will do it with our little ones as I think at least for us it has waned in this area. There are so many other activities and also I feel now when you have a majority of working parents it is harder and harder to get the volunteers.  

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My oldest did boy scouts as tiger and cub scout.  It does require parental involvement, but he learned some good things in it.  My girs never did girl scouts though.


My kids were more into church youth groups & school stuff. I was in Camp Fire Girls which was great since I liked the outdoors.


I have a huge background in Scouting. I think I've held every position there is in Cub Scouts. We started as Tiger Cubs and worked our way through the various dens and into Boy Scouting. It is a program with great values and I loved learning right alongside my boys. Regular den meetings are encouraged and depending on the pack you'll have other options to attend or do as a family or scout/parent. My oldest says it is one of the best experiences of his childhood. It taught him leadership, dependability and broadened his learning. I recommend cub scouts and boy scouts!

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I think you just sold me. I was wondering the same thing. My husband never did it, so has been a little unsure about it. I did girl scouts, and I could really see my oldest loving it.


Awe! I hope you and your family enjoy it as much as my family and I did! 


I think maybe you have to find a good group. I loved my experience as a Brownie, but then we moved. When I tried Girl Scouts at the new place it was terrible. I think they just didn't have a good group there.


That is so true Candy - it really depends on the troop you get into. My daughter wanted to be in Girl Scouts so badly, but the first two troops we were in were awful! I finally had to start my own troop and it ended up being such a wonderful experience for my daughter and she made so many great friends. Being the troop leader was a lot of work, but it was so worth it.


My son enjoyed it very much, up until about 4th or 5th grade when he kind of outgrew it or his interests changed to sports. I think the experience all depends on if theTroop Leader is positive and entertaining. That can make it or break it.Good luck!