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Curfew, How should I enforce it?

Posted August 13, 2015 - 3:19pm

So my 15 year old daughter has been staying out later and later. She's mostly at her friend's how and can walk home since they live right down the street. I'm just curious, should I be enforcing a curfew? If she's watching a movie and comes home at 1, should I be upset? She texts us with what she's doing, and always keeps us updated. But is it bad she's out so late?

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It's the summer and your daughter seems to be very responsible with keeping you updated on her schedule and location. That being said, 1 A.M. seems late. When the school year starts, maybe create an earlier curfew, around 11 P.M. or 11:30 P.M., which is contingent on your daughter finishing her homework, chores, extra curricular activities, etc. as well as keeping her grades up and not exhausting herself. 

Frugal Minded M...

This is new territory for me too.  I agree that during summer I will be a bit more lenient in the summer as long as they are keeping in touch with me.  This is one area where smart phones are definitely useful for the kids to have.  During the week while schools in they know not even to be out past 9 or 9:30.  So guess I'm lucky on that one.


Oh yeah I can't think of any reason to have them be out that late on a weeknight.  Who has stuff to do until 11PM on a Wednesday??  Her school starts at 730AM anyways so that's a self-imposed curfew, she just can't keep her eyes open anymore.  Score 1 for us!


It sounds like your daughter communicates with you well, which is important. During the summer, I am more lenient. Growing up, my parents trusted us. I remember being 16 and asking my dad before I left, "What time is my curfew?" He replied, "I trust you." It made such an impression that I didn't want to let him down. I was always in the house and in bed before midnight.

Mommy Ramblings

Well, if she is communicating with you and you are giving the go ahead for her to stay that is one thing.  On the opposite side if she was blatantly blowing you off, had an attitude, did not communicate or let you know where she was, ask if she could stay later, that is a whole other issue. I say if you are comfortable where she is, trust her, she is communicating and you have the final say...I think how it is seems okay. Not on school nights but for the summer okay.