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Dealing with Kids Fears

Posted August 25, 2015 - 2:54pm

Seems like my 9 year old is obsessed with the chance of his permanent teeth falling out. I remember feeling the same way around his age, and explained to him that I thought the same, but nothing ever happened to mine. It all turned out ok.

This didn't work, because he is still worried about it and asks quite frequently about them. Any other ideas of how to handle it.

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This is an understandable fear. Perhaps you can research the subject with him--or arrange to have him speak to a dentist. 

Frugal Minded M...

The weird thing is it started soon after we went to the dentist where he was told everything was good with his teeth.  


I remember it was how my eldest daughter thought too, when she was about your son's age.  Her best friend assured her it won't.  (I told her the same thing but she did not believe me lol)

Mommy Ramblings

Some times kids have irrational fears and we cannot pinpoint why. My daughter used to be afraid to scrub her hair in the shower because she thought it would fall out. Now mind you she had thick hair and never had issues losing it. Nor did any woman in our family have that. So where did she develop this? We don't know. In your case have the dentist talk with him and hopefully that will help.


I agree - have him talk to a pediatric dentist. Also, there may be a kids you tube type video that shows (maybe even an animated one) the process of losing baby teeth and shows the permanance of adult teeth. Good luck!


My daughter is anxious and often has fears that are unfounded. I find that it helps when I can give her evidence. If she was in the situation, I know if I showed her x-rays and explained how the roots hold the teeth in it would help her. Good luck!

Frugal Minded M...

Love the tip about the xrays and the roots.


Luckily we are pretty nerdy in this house, so science and/or facts are the way to go for us.

Your Kid's Table

Just came across this post... my oldest will get an irrational fear from time to time. I wish I could get to the route of it. How's your little guy doing now?