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Do you check homework?

Posted September 28, 2015 - 7:30pm

Do you check your child's homework before letting your child hand it in, or do you prefer for them to be help accountable in class?

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We still haven't had homework yet this year but in the past, yes.  I like to check it over so I can see what they are working on in shcool and how they are doing.  Also, I have to keep following up with my son because he does the work but sometimes goes days without turning it in because he forgets to take it out of his backpack!

Your Kid's Table

Wow! No homework yet, that is awesome! My kindergartner has had some very light optional homework. So far I've been checking just to help him get used to it.


I don't check my fourth grader's homework unless she is feeling unsure about it. If she feels good about it I don't even look because I want her to be accountable. I ask her if she's done it and I ask her what she's working on but that's it.

Your Kid's Table

I like that position, and hope that's how I'll be! 

Mommy Ramblings

My kids are young so my little guy is new to homework so we are always there when they are doing it. My older little guy will do his homework and I will go over the work and if there is something wrong I will have him fix it. Usually he has everything right.


I have a child with dyslexia and she likes me to review her writing. Other than that I don't check it, unless I see their grades slipping. I do help them study aloud for foreign language or difficult tests if they request it.

Frugal Minded M...

I always check my 3rd graders homework and worksheets he brings home because that's the only way to know how they are doing and if they are ready for tests on Friday.  Homework doesn't count towards any of their grade in our school district so it's important to make sure they know what they are doing.  It's also how I keep up on curriculum changes.  For example the math sheets my 3rd grader brought home on Friday were things my 5th grader learned last year.  Sort of ridiculous if you ask me.  DOn't know why they are bumping up solving equations like 74-36 = n+ 16 to 3rd grade. 


I had to check my son's because he would always try to get away without doing it. My daughter was a little more responsible.