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Do you let your little ones dress themselves?

Posted September 22, 2015 - 9:09pm

My older two dress themselves of course but my youngest's sense of style is a little different — she's in Pre-K so I'm sure it's pretty normal. I'm pretty lax with it because she's adorable no matter what. She wore two different socks today and a shirt that didn't really match her skirt. Most of the time I just go with the flow unless it isn't weather appropriate and even then I sometimes let it go. Last summer she liked wearing snow boots and winter hats to my son's football practices!

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Yes yes yes. I am all for kiddos choosing their own clothes and dressing themselves. I also interfere only when weather or activities don't jive with what they've picked. If it's something really weird, I ask: Do you like the way you look? or Do you feel good about how you look today?  Not in a sarcastic way at all and if they say YES! then off we go.

Your Kid's Table

I love that! I think it is a wonderful thing to encourage.


I've always strived to teach my kids as many independent skills as possible. If they were too young to pick out clothes, I usually assisted them where they needed it & make suggestions. It usually worked out well.


I always let my kids pick their own clothing. I loved the funky weird combinations they found. The one thing not negotiable was having a coat on if it is cold!


I've even had to become more laid back about the coat.  My son lost so many coats last year because he doesn't feel like he can move around comfortably while playing at recess.  We've resorted to hooded sweatshirts and warm vests.


So many arguements about coats! Kids are so weird. They'll debate me about it inside the house and then we step out to go to the bus stop and they are like, "glad I have my coat!"

Your Kid's Table

My boys don't care to much about picking their own clothes, but when they want to I try to allow it within reason. I always encourage them to dress themself from the youngest possible age.

Frugal Minded M...

My 9 year old boy is the most picky about what he wears.  He has been picking out his own clothes for a long long time and most of the time they are good outfits too, it just has to be sports related.  As far as dressing themselves, I definitely allow it.  In fact my youngest went around to the store today with her shorts on backwards.  I didn't notice until we got home.

Mommy Ramblings

For the most part yes but on school picture day, first day of school etc. I am going to be a guide. Also if anything looks too crazy, I will give some fashion advice.

Frugal Minded M...

I guide too on picture day.  This year the kids said what does it matter mom, you're not ordering anything.  I said, because other people will be seeing your piture for years - it matters.