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Do you use essential oils on or around your baby?

Posted August 26, 2015 - 10:07am

Does anyone use essential oils either on their baby or in a diffuser around your baby? Why or Why not?

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We are users of essential oils, however, it is so important to understand they are potent and babies are more susceptible. Even without a baby there are tragedies (people not diluting with a carrier oil, taking oils internally that should not be, etc.) I think there is a time and a place, but research (from many resources) is key to the success and safety of every family member (including pets).

Mommy Ramblings

Absolutely, I use them but not internally and I am very careful about using them on children and pets. I think they have wonderful properies and work better than prescription medication for many things. Just have to make sure you are not blindly taking advice from someone who has no business telling you what is safe and what isn't.


There are so many "experts" that should not be out there, but essential oils are trending right now so everyone has read something that they believe makes them knowledgable enough to advise. Sometimes people don't think. I know an adult who once was told to take 4,000mg of Vitamin C--this was good advice, but neither the advisor or the advisee considered the outcome of taking it all at once. 

Frugal Minded M...

Fortnuately with Vitamin C what you don't need your body expels right away.  It's not one that builds up in you. 

Mommy Ramblings

You are so right, knowledge is power but a little knowledge is dangerous. It is scary but we have to be aware where we take our advice. Sometimes you find people so negative they don't believe anyone or anything but on the other hand there are those that just blindly follow whatever they are told.


When my kids were babies, it was difficult to find essential oils so the only people using them on babies had researched what they were doing for the most part. With the boom of these essential oil companies comes a lot of misinformation. Though they aren't "drugs", they absolutely can be misused.