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Halloween Festival/Fall Festival, etc?

Posted September 23, 2015 - 10:05am

Do schools where you live do any kind of thing around Halloween? I've found it to be different everywhere. Here they have a fundraising event in October that's supposed to Halloween themed BUT it's 3 WEEKS before Halloween this year. And it'll be so hot that costumes won't even be an option.

What do schools do where you live?

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They usually just had a day where the kids could dress up & the teachers passed out snacks. We don't participate because the holiday goes against our religious beliefs. The churches have the fall festival thing.


I teach at a private school and we go ALL out for Halloween. We do an all school parade with our buddy class and have a carnival fundraiser for UNICEF. All of the teachers and staff dress up also!

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Our schools have a huge party and parade too. I think it is a lot of fun, and my kids love it.

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No and they are not even allowed to wear costumes even in the very young grades unless it is snuck in by the teachers under the guise of something eles. Even though we  are a public school, we have a very conservative Christian principal who does not approve of Halloween nor does he approve of the PTO having a raffle as it is too close to gambling and he oversees fundraising like a hawk to make sure it is not bordering on explotaion or gambling. Our towns have a Halloween Parade. 


Wow! That's a lot of different approaches! When I was in 4th-6th grades we live in a small town in Arkansas and they had some type of king/queen event tied to the Halloween stuff. I wish I could remember what they called it! What's funny is we dressed up at school then, but it was a very conservative town. I think times have just changed. It was rare that anyone had issues with halloween then. There was one kid in my class, but it was all holidays, not just halloween and it was because of his religion.


We homeschool but I have a few friends that have children in public schools and they differ in the area. Some schools do have a Fall Festival and others have a Halloween themed Festival. But, it does seem since last year..that more schools are going with the Fall Festival. Our neighbors for one, do not celebrate Halloween. So, maybe that is a reason it is changing in some schools.