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Helicopter Mom?

Posted September 6, 2015 - 9:24am

So do you hover, do everything for your child kind of parent or do you let them make mistakes, figure it out for themselves? Do you jump in every time your kids have a squabble or do you tell them to sort it out themselves?

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I’m not a helicopter mom. Some things they are able to figure out for themselves.


I am so not a helicopter mom. We are a house of consequences.


Sometimes I am a "helicopter" mom by some standards and sometimes I'm not. I want to raise independent kids who can make their own decisions but also keep them safe. For me it all depends on the situation.


Same here! I am maybe a helicopter mom at times but then I know at other times, I'm not. It really does depend on the situation and the safety factor.


i am definitely not a helicopter mom, with one exception. My son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and was very ill on and off for a year. I hovered and was in contact with his school and his friends moms and the hospital A LOT. I finally let go when he went with his 8th grade class to Washington DC and I only texted or spoke with him once a day. I let go and turned things over to him! In every day matters though, I take a hands off approach - offering an ear to listen or words to guide, but I want them to be as independent as possible.


Same here, Kathleen. My son had behavior problems so I was constantly micromanaging him. I'm a lot better now, though. I definitely stop when they reach 18.

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I'm like justamom.  My oldest has a learning disability called auditory processing disorder so I tend to hover around him much more when it comes to homework and making sure everything is done. A big part of his issue is organization.   I've really been trying to let go the last couple years which is hard, because he has failed a couple marking periods.  I let the school know I was doing it.  On the plus side, his summer job I have totally not hovered at all.  He interviewed for it himself and although I shop at the store, I don't go in while he is there.  He's done great and I've been so proud of him.With the other kids I don't interfere until I see them really struglling and then I'll offer to help.

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That's good, I think I was with my older kids but as I had more kids the tendancy to do that lessened. 


I can also relate to justamom. My son is labeled gifted but that isn't as easy as it may sound. He has a high IQ but also can be quite intense and challenging so some hovering has been required especially when he was younger. 

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I have to say my instinct it to be one, but I do a lot of self talk to let them figure things out themselves. 


same here :)