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How Do You Manage Being a Work at Home Parent during the School Year?

Posted September 11, 2015 - 2:58pm

Since my oldest started kindergarten, I am finding myself making it to bed after midnight each night to ensure my work deadlines are met. He hasn’t even started getting homework yet, but between reading and doing our normal educational activities I find myself running out of time. While he is at school I do work, but that is also time for household chores and prepping for when he returns. It just seems since school started I have been all over the place and lacking sleep greatly.

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This is a hard one.  I also stay up very late working.  I thought it would be easier when the kids went back to school.  I think I am more productive but it's not like I have all this extra time I thought I would have! I 'm always rushing from one thing to the next!Is your kindergartener in full day or half day?

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I work from home and I am always up past midnight. I am a night owl but I am lucky that I do not need a lot of sleep. There are always sacrifices with anything. You may need to cut out something else if you want to be able to get to bed earlier. I do not watch TV, it is was an easy sacrifice for me. You know working for myself gives me a lot of benefits and flexibility but since I work from home it is like something is always beckoning you. I would practice some time management, set your hours and stick to it. If you cannot get your work done in the alloted time, see if there is anything you can cut out. If it still not happening you will have to prioritize your work and ask yourself if you are taking on more than you can chew?


I'm having a hard time, too! What I've decided is I need to set a schedule, both daily and weekly. That way I have time to meet deadlines, start my own projects, exercise, and take care of the house. This *sounds* like a great plan, huh? Let's see if I can do it. :)

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What I find, and I teach bloggers about time management, setting goals and scheduling time effective for SoFabU is that it is easy to take all the opportunities that come your way. You know it's like, wow this is great and they are paying this much, oh and here is another and it is good too and if I pass it up maybe they will never ask me again.  Then what happens is you have all these deadlines and you are setting yourself up to fail which will have the opposite effect of helping you reach your goals. I understand it is hard to turn projects down but if you are stressed and running yourself crazy you are going to burn out. Also learn to manage distractions and get rid of the time suckers, email, social media etc.


Yes!  Managing distractions really helps!  My husband always watches TV at night and I tend to get sucked in.  When he's not here I never turn on the TV and am much more productive.  Sometimes I have to go work in another room when I have a lot on my plate.


I agree. I use to take every opportunity, but the quality of my life and my families was wretched. Now I take opportunities that sound like fun to me, that fit well into our normal, everyday life and I'm enjoying the journey far more.

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My husband does the same thing! It is so refreshing to hear you all saying this. I often feel like I'm the only mom juggling all of this and stay up late working so I can be with my kids during the day.  So many great tips and advice here.