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How Old Were Your Kids When They Got Their First Cell Phone?

Posted September 10, 2015 - 11:34am

I hope I still have a few more years before I'm dealing with this, but was wondering what ages you all started or plan to start. Also, do you put limitations on their cell use?

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My child is still waiting on a cell He is almost 12. That being said, he is also homeschooled. he does have friends that are his age in public school who do already have cell phones. I am not sure but maybe I would want my child to have one in middle school if he wasn't at home. 


I'd say 16 is a good age. It's a big responsibility & I wouldn't try it any earlier.

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It depends on the child, the activities they are in, your feelings etc. I don't think it is a blanket age. My son had one at 10 or 11 but he had 2 older siblings with them. Now my younger sons are 8 and 6 so we shall see when they get one. I do think if a child is 11 or 12 and plays sports or after school activities that a phone even a prepaid just for staying in contact with you would not be a bad idea. I am sure that is my younger sons are doing that I would get them a phone more for my peace of mind. LOL.

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We got track phones for emergency purposes when the kids were having to stay after fo school events.  This was at 12.  Then when they are in high-school they got i-phones under a family plan.


My youngest (9 and 11) were given cell phones. My 9 year old never used his and said after three months he really didn't want it. My 11 year old has one--it's more for our peace of she can call us from school if she needs to, check in from a friend's house, and communicate with us. My husband also has it set up with a GPS so we know where she is at all times (she is aware of this). We recently moved to a small community and we don't know anyone. Things are far different her than the suburbia we are accustomed to.

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I love the safety component too, but I'd like to wait as long as possible. My kids have been exposed to very little technology at this point, quite intentionally.  I know there are some down sides to that too, of course.


My oldest is five so no cell phone yet. I am thinking around 14 or 15 he may get his first one.  I was amazed to read the handbook for elementary school and see that they covered elementary kids not using their phone during school hours. I guess some students must have them early, but I don’t see the need for my kids to have one.

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My son told me last year his classmates in 2nd grade had iPhones.  Think that's a bit much.


We aren't quite there yet, either. My friend has a daughter older than mine and feels the same way about cell phones that I do, but is finding she may need to get her 11yo a phone just because of activities to have a way to keep in touch.


My daughter was 12 and she had to save enough money to pay for the device and a year of the montly fees. She babysat and saved her birthday money for it. My son ended up with Type 1 Diabetes and I got him a phone when he got out of the hospital so I could keep track of him and he could look up carbohydrate counts online. He was 12 also.