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Insomnia troubling my teens

Posted September 24, 2015 - 12:25pm

Both my 15 and 17 year old suffer from insomnia. They aren't allowed electronics once the lights are out, so it isn't that. Any suggestions?

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Your Kid's Table

Have you heard of being in sleep debt? Sometimes (and of course this may not be the case) kids and teens keep taking a little off of how much sleep they need. The deficit slowly builds up until they need a lot, and oddly this can make them have trouble sleeping. I would try having them read before bed, use some lavendar lotion or oil, or even look at melatonin as a natural supplement.


That makes sense! I feel like that might apply to me, too. I use the SleepyTime tea before I go to bed. I think it helps. Could just be the routine, though.


Cedarwood and Lavender essential oil can do wonders.  Cedarwood especially makes me sleep very soundly.  I also agree that reading is a good idea to help wind down — no screens for at least an hour before bed.

Mommy Ramblings

I second the diffuser with lavender oil and have you ever tried a natural sleep aid for them?


Could it be stress, anxiety, or hormones? I know I am not a teen, but those things definitely affect my sleep. I've also heard people say certian vitamin deficiencies can affect sleep and that taking whatever it was they are lacking helped. Sorry I don't know which vitamin...

Frugal Minded M...

I was going to mention hormones too, especially for your daughter.  I suffer from PreMenstrualDysphoricDisorder and the OB says one of the symptoms is insomnia and it definitely hits me 2 weeks into my cycle.


Thank you for the ideas. I haven't tried any essential oils. Have tried melatonin. Both of my kids have dyslexia so they are not big fans of reading books but I could interest them in magazines I bet. Anything is worth a try. I've tried talking to them about their stress in the early evening so it isn't on their mind at bedtime but that doesn't seem to work. Tough to cure.


I'd say make sure they aren't drinking a lot of caffeine drinks, there's caffeine in almost all sodas regardless of what the label says. Also limit the amount of sugar they get especially around dinnertime. I'd also make sure they get sufficient exercise and outdoor time to help tire them out. If that doesn't help I would have them checked for any kind of health problems or deficiencies. My kids could both sleep thru bombs going off.


True on the caffeine drinks. I know that I can not have caffeine after 6 pm or I will have trouble sleeping.