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Morning Routine

Posted September 10, 2015 - 11:55pm

What does your morning routine look like? How long does it take to get your kids ready for school? I'm not a morning person at all. We're never late for school but we are often rushed. I try to pack lunches the night before, do simple breakfasts and often make sure the kids are bathed the night before so mornings go more smoothly. I wish I was better at making a good breakfast for the kids but they usually get cereal or a toaster waffle because I don't give myself enough time.

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We are always rushing in the morning - we just aren't morning people. I pack lunches and do showers the night before and have them pick out clothes. Breakfasts are never as good as I like, but I try. We are always tying shoes when we should be out the door.


Sounds like us!  You aren't alone!

Frugal Minded M...

My 9 year old ran out the door the other day with his shoes barely on.


Definitely try to get things done the night before. I still do that for work when I need to. It cuts down time on deciding what to wear & my daughter takes forever to make up her mind about anything!

Your Kid's Table

I do a menu plan for all the breakfasts during the week and sometimes have everything ready to go. Bowls/cups/ets. I try to have fruit already cut, and keep it simple. I usually rotate these breakfasts through the week: instant low sugar oatmeal, plain yogurt with honey and flax seed, leftover homemade waffles or pancakes from the weekend, cereal, and english muffin with peanut butter.


Thanks for the ideas! My youngest loves oatmeal but the other two won't eat it.  They all love yogurt though.  In the past I've made up big batches of whole wheat waffles and froze them.  I need to do a menu plan and prep day.  


That's a great idea! I never think about planning breakfasts.


We bathe at night, unless I am making sandwiches I do lunch at night too. Therefore, in the morning all they have to do is brush their teeth, wash their face, and get dressed.

Mommy Ramblings

The kids need to be out the door for the bus around 8 and we usually get them up around 7:30 am.  Our kids take a healthy snack but eat breakfast at school which saves a lot of time. Most days they eat lunch there too so that saves us time.

Frugal Minded M...

I have three shifts of kids leaving and we give each 45 minutes to 1 hour to get ready.  That means making sure the first are up at 5:45.  I usually wake them up (alarms won't do it) and lay back down for a bit.  Then at 6:30 wake up my middle schooler.  THey are all told to get completely dressed before going downstairs.  Then they are to get breakfast and put together their lunches.  (I supervise, but they put them together)  The High Scholers leave at 6:45.  Middle Schooler repeats the same process and during that time my elementary son wakes up.  He's the exception in that many times he'll come down not still in pjs and eat first..  We all (including my 3 year old) go outside to wait for bus with my 11 year old at 7:40 since it comes to our door.  Most days I get dressed between HS leaving and MS out the door.  Then we come back in and 9 year old goes upstairs and gets dressed.  He and his sister play for a bit and he leaves at 8:30.   So that's the first 3 hours of my day every morning.  


Wow - that's busy! Next year my girls will be at two different schools so their bus pick-up will be an hour apart. I wish the bus would come to our door. We have to walk down the street to catch it.


Oh wow, that's a busy morning!  Our bus stop is up a big hill and around the corner so I usually drive them.  I'm just not awake enough to walk though maybe I should push myself since that would be an easy way to get my exercise in first thing!