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School Providing Electronics to Take Home

Posted August 25, 2015 - 2:51pm

Last year the school provided my 2nd grader with a ipad to take home. Honestly I thought this was a bit much, but they say this is the way schools are going. Does your child have one from the school?

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It seems early to me because the only school experience I am used to is my own when I was a kid. My oldest starts kindergarten this year and I did find some of the items on the school supply list a bit odd. They asked for headphones, so I am assuming they will be on a computer or tablet or something. He uses a LeapPad at home and a kids tablet so while he is accustomed to using them. I would be a little skeptical about them sending iPads home. I feel during this stage in life, kids should be getting more hands-on experiences and not becoming addicted to technology early. 

Frugal Minded M...

I agree it's a bit early.  


My own children attend a school where iPads are required and all textbooks are electronic. As high schoolers, I love the freedom from the heavy books that it gives them. At the school where I teach we give each child from the 4th to the 8th grade a netbook type laptop to use for the duration of their attendance. That is fine to me, the wave of the future and all. But a 2nd grader does seem quite young to have a school ipad!

Frugal Minded M...

I wish they would have given them to the high schoolers instead (since I have 2 of them) and their backpacks are insanely heavy, but they were the only group not to get anything.  We were told they could Bring Their own devices, but when they came home the first day they said the school told them they couldn't use the School's WIFI and had to rely on their own data plan.  That got this mom a bit ticked.


I might see this as okay for the classroom but a second grader bringing home an ipad seems like a lot of additional responsibility for the parent. Our schools here do not provide anything like this. 

Frugal Minded M...

We have to pay $25 a year for a repair insurance policy, but the school doesn't provide any coverage if it's lost or stolen.  That's on the parents then.  In addition we have to make sure they are totally charged up for school each night.  


I agree!  That is way too much responsiblity for a 2nd grader and their parents!  I think it's great if they use them in the classroom though.


I can't believe a school would send an iPad home with a 2nd grader! Using it at school is one thing, but to send it home? I barely let my 4th grader use my iPad. Those suckers are expensive! She uses Chromebooks in class, so we bought her one for Christmas. They are like 1/5 the cost of an iPad. But no electronics come home from school. That's terrible that the high schoolers are treated that way. Seems very backwards.

Frugal Minded M...

First graders get the iPads too.  I agree that these things should be left at school. 

Your Kid's Table

Wow, I don't think our district is doing that, but I have heard of others close by doing this. I'm sure the kids love it, and there is a place for it, but I agree with the others... too early.


I would be afraid they would get broken or stolen esp at that young age. My son had major anger issues & might have broken it.