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To circumcise or not?

Posted August 24, 2015 - 6:00am

Did you circumcise your son?

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Frugal Minded M...

Both my boys are and what got me to do it was hearing the story that my Brother In Law had to have it done in his teens because he was getting infections.  I could only imagine how dramatic that would be.  Yes there is some pain for the baby, but at least it's not emotionally scarring.


Here in the Philippines, it is like a sort of passage they have to go through in their tweens.  They usually get circumcised around 9-12.  


This is a very controversial topic. I remember when I was making the choice for the first time. I had parents pulling me in both directions. In fact, I ended up having my son in a state where circumcisions weren’t covered under health insurance so he didn’t get circumcised at all. Only one of my sons is circumcised and I will just say if you are going to do it, get it done while they are babies. I imagine it would be 10xs worst having it done when they are older.

Your Kid's Table

We did with all three of my sons. With each child I questioned it more, it was a really hard choice. To be honest, I'm still not sure it was the right one.  Although, we didn't have any complications or issues.

Mommy Ramblings

Everyone has different views on it and they have to make an informed decision based on facts. If it is for religious purposes that is another factor. I will tell you that I as a first time parent just thought we will have it done. Then when I was still pregnant someone passed me some information. It disgusted me and made me rethink everything. I talked to my pediatrician and many others. My baby was a girl so I was relieved I did not need to make the decision but then I had four boys and they are all intact the way God made them. It was right for us and we did a lot of research. Everyone will not agree and that is fine.