Choosing circumcision

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Choosing circumcision

We chose to circumcise our sons for a few reasons but honestly we never considered not. It was one of those decisions I told my decision if you feel strongly about, we will have a discussion and he didn´t either. We both agree from the beginning that that´s what we were going to do. One of the reasons is my nephew and my nephew´s father both were uncircumcised. The father is from Europe and felt that it was important that his son was not circumcised as well, and both of them, the father as an adult, my nephew as a six year old, got infections in their foreskin and had to be circumcised at older ages and it was so painful and traumatic for them that I never wanted my son to have to go through that. The other was honestly there was a study that came out, a very famous sort of African study of HIV transmissions that I heard that they had to cancel the study because it was so clearly. They felt unethical continuing the study with uncircumcised males because circumcision had such lower transmissions and nobody wants their son to grow up to be sleeping around but I also don´t want him punished with AIDS if he does frankly. So that was one of the reasons. And the third, which honestly had the most sway with me and the least sway with other people, was for religious reasons. I am not Jewish myself. I am Christian but I do try to follow. I feel like if God said it, it´s usually a good idea. So that felt to me like another reason why I felt it was important.

Watch Megan Macmanus's video on Choosing circumcision...


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Megan Macmanus

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Megan Hyndman is the mother to two-year-old Finnegan and a newborn, Saoirse. She is a writer, yoga teacher and private tutor and has recently started her own tutoring company, Honors Educational Services.  She and her husband Jason have been married since 2006, and since that time they’ve gone from a couple who thought they never wanted kids to a family of five, if you count the dog – and the 60-lb Rottweiler mix is definitely one of the kids.  The first baby under six months either parent ever saw was their own son, after a home birth, so they had to learn everything from scratch.  As a home birthing, cloth-diapering, infant potty-training, breastfeeding, sort of co-sleeping parent planning to home school, who also vaccinates, circumcises, disciplines, watches TV with Finn way more than she should and works full time, Megan doesn’t really fit into any “Mommy groups” – and that’s okay with her. Megan’s parenting philosophy is the same philosophy she tells her tutoring students: Use What Works for You.  

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