Personal employees and insurance

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Personal employees and insurance

The only insurance that you have to have is Workers' Compensation Insurance, which is required by law. This is for if you employ one of more employees, or if they work part time or full time. This insurance covers the employee. They are entitled to benefits if they get ill or injured on the job or during the course of doing their job. The other insurance that you may want to consider, which is totally voluntary, is medical insurance. You can choose to pay the premium 100 percent or share the cost with your employee. One of the big benefits is providing health insurance is, one, you are helping to ensure the health of your employee, and they are taking less time off of work. Two, it is very good employee retention overall.

See Christine Neilson's video on Personal employees and insurance...


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Christine Neilson is from London, England and moved to the United States in 1991. She has a BA with honors in Business Studies with an emphasis in  Finance from South Bank University in London. Prior to moving to the United States, Christine worked in the computer industry for seven years as an operator and programmer before becoming a Surveyor specializing in commercial real estate appraisal, acquisition and development.  Having recently obtained her California and Washington real estate licenses Christine is merging her extensive financial advisory and real estate experience to provide unique expertise to clients.

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