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Introducing New Baby Videos

Blogger and author Adrian Kulp offers tips on how to prepare your toddler and older children for the birth of a new sibling
Joshua Sparrow, MD Child Psychiatrist & Author, answers the common concerns that women tend to have when pregnant with their second child
Watch Video: One sibling saying negative things about the other by Pamela Varady, PsyD, ...
Learn about: Ideas for the first born while you are nursing a new baby from Jennifer Davidson, RN, BSC, IBCLC,...
Helena Heyman, Literary Manager & Mom, shares advice for parents on how to help your older child be closer to your new baby and how to make time for your older kids
Watch Video: Preparing sibling for new baby by Giuditta Tornetta, ...
View Andrea Bendewald's video on Tips for introducing the new baby to older siblings...
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