Planning your college admissions process

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Planning your college admissions process | Kids in the House
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Planning your college admissions process

An ideal timeline would be to start before birth and to move to Dhaka in Bangladesh so your child would have Bangladeshi citizenship and then to get them into the right preschool by getting the right people to help you and then to start doing Junior Kumon and they are only... I mean, I'm only exaggerating a little bit, there are people that do start being thinking about college using their alumni connections that early, but realistically, they say you can burn the school down before ninth grade and no one’s going to know so the main thing is to become a great student before ninth grade and to find your passion. Another great thing you can do if you don’t mind is to move to Oklahoma or North Dakota and underrepresent that state since you can’t be a member of an underrepresented minority… I mean, you can but you're not... That works almost as well.
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See JD Rothman's video on Planning your college admissions process...


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JD Rothman

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JD Rothman, the author of the L.A. Times bestseller The Neurotic Parent's Guide to College Admissions, started her popular satirical blog while on an eight-state college tour with her older son. She frequently appears on panels with admission officers, and blogs about the insanity of the college process for the Huffington Post. A former instructor of remedial freshman composition, Rothman's day job is as an Emmy-winning children's television writer, producer and lyricist, but she also has a famous blog satirizing the college admissions process, In 2012 the blog morphed into the LA Times Bestseller, "The Neurotic Parent's Guide to College Admissions." She grew up in Brooklyn, and resided in several Latin American countries before settling in Santa Monica, where she and her husband live in their emptying nest. She prepared for none of her careers in college.

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