Economic reasons for cloth diapering

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Economic reasons for cloth diapering

There are a lot of economical advantages to cloth diapering as well. If you consider the length of time your child is in diapers from birth to potty training, let's say at about age 2 and a half, we ran the numbers with a greener diaper that's on the market and readily available in your supermarket. And for that amount of time, you are likely to spend about $2,700 per child in disposable diapers. But on top of that, we never seem to consider that we are using disposable wipes as well. And when you have a blow-out poop, you are not going to be judicious with the amount of wipes you are using. So you can be expecting to spend about another $500 on top of that for disposable wipes. In contrast, if you are using cloth diapers, you can expect to spend somewhere an initial expense of about $600-$800, and that is not just for 1 child, but for all subsequent children because you can use the same diapers for them as well. And that will also include your cloth wipes as well and any additional gadgets that you may need to go along with the cloth diapering experience.

Learn about: Economic reasons for cloth diapering from Lisa Hubbard,...


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Lisa Hubbard is from Dublin, Ireland. She studied English Studies at Trinity College in Dublin. After graduating, Lisa moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. These days Lisa is thrilled to be undertaking her most challenging, but rewarding, role to date - that of Mom to two year old Juliet and six month old Roan. In 2010, Lisa became a partner in tush. - a cloth diaper workshop based in Los Angeles - aiming to demystify and simplify cloth diapering for new parents. Lisa's parenting philosophy can be boiled down to two words - whatever works! 

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