Infant vs. toddler elimination communication

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Infant vs. toddler elimination communication

Elimination communication with an infant is a little bit trickier than with a toddler because you want to be able to hold him when he can't hold himself, when he doesn't have a net control or can't sit up. So, there's a couple of different things you can do. You can hold him, lean him against your body and hold him underneath the legs. If it's a boy, you're gonna put one hand to kind of tilt things downwards so you don't get peed on. But, otherwise, you're just gonna support his weight with your own body. Some people will also sit on the toilet themselves and put the baby between their legs. Honestly, I was always just afraid I would drop him into the bowl, so I never did it that way, but some people had great success with it. Once he gets older, it's a lot easier because he can sit up. You can put him on a toddler-size potty or get his feet insert and just basically put him on the toilet like an older child. If you're dealing with an infant and both parents are home, get your husband to help you because that will happen a lot where I would hold him and my husband holds his legs or vice versa and that makes it a lot easier so that you're not worried about dropping the baby.

Watch Video: Infant vs. toddler elimination communication by Megan Macmanus, ...


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Megan Hyndman is the mother to two-year-old Finnegan and a newborn, Saoirse. She is a writer, yoga teacher and private tutor and has recently started her own tutoring company, Honors Educational Services.  She and her husband Jason have been married since 2006, and since that time they’ve gone from a couple who thought they never wanted kids to a family of five, if you count the dog – and the 60-lb Rottweiler mix is definitely one of the kids.  The first baby under six months either parent ever saw was their own son, after a home birth, so they had to learn everything from scratch.  As a home birthing, cloth-diapering, infant potty-training, breastfeeding, sort of co-sleeping parent planning to home school, who also vaccinates, circumcises, disciplines, watches TV with Finn way more than she should and works full time, Megan doesn’t really fit into any “Mommy groups” – and that’s okay with her. Megan’s parenting philosophy is the same philosophy she tells her tutoring students: Use What Works for You.  

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